Mobile Storage Modern Interior Device

Here awesome mobile storage for your modern house interior. This versatility storage range features side panels which can be altered to suit the colors schemes and style of any interior. Available in two or three drawer versions, the standard finish for the unit’s sides is frosted white acrylic; however its interchangeable panels allow customized graphics to be fitted behind the frosted overlay. The unit’s ‘soft close’ drawers are lockable and made from environmentally friendly e1 MDF with a white powdercoat finish, thereby achieving practicality through sustainable means. Comprising a die cast aluminum and steel frame with standard powdercoat finishes, CASINO also features a seat pad made of porous expanded polypropylene (PEPP) which is comfortable to sit on, eco-friendly, and durable. Created by Thinking Ergonomix.

modern mobile storage ottoman function design

porous expanded polypropylene cool storage device

customized graphics storage interior furniture decoration

frosted white acrylic storage furniture design

interchangeable panels storage cool interior design

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