Minimalist House Design with Indoor and Outdoor Transition Architecture

Minimalism of house architecture can be implemented in various ways. Minimalist style applied in this modern single-family house really attractive. The simple structure design, both indoor and outdoor has interesting detail elements of vertical and horizontal lines. This minimalist house design built on sloping terrain, overlooking Roskilde Fjord.

minimalist house design indoor-outdoor transition concept

This minimalist house design built with indoor and outdoor transition concept, not fuzzy, but has controlled look. This minimalist house still has distinct border between outdoor and indoor. This minimalist house design has wooden wings, parted with center concrete voids. The center courtyard becomes spots that divide the house volume into four units’ spaces. The exterior wooden planks installed in horizontal and vertical with different colors, give interesting detail elements. The monumental grey brick fireplace in center courtyard make the house look really old fashioned. But the interior has whiteness theme, make the house a true minimalist architecture. The outdoor lighting system support the beauty of this house at night. This minimalist house design has size 185 m2. Designed by Cornelius + Vöge architects. Photo by: Adam Mørk.

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