Manual Guide Green Home Landscape Materials

Thinking about what materials should be used while you build garden landscape for your home, why not use eco friendly materials? A green remodel helps you realize a range of far-reaching benefits from a single smart design. With careful planning, you can create a landscape that combines beauty, efficiency, comfort and convenience with health and conservation.

Most people think that “landscape” simply means plants. But consider the many other elements outside of your home: decks or patios, walkways, parking areas, fences, rockeries-all contribute to the way your home presents itself to the world. If any of these elements are chosen without proper care, they can create a variety of problems, from lessening your home’s street appeal to releasing toxic chemicals, increasing the likelihood of flooding and polluting the greater environment. Fortunately, you can enhance how your property looks and functions with landscape materials that are safe for both you and the environment. You’ll find ecologically superior products in a range of styles, to complement your home and personal tastes. This guide will help you identify the landscape materials that meet your personal mix of priorities.

landscape material for green eco home design ideas

Read this Green Materials Manual guide in pdf files here. This manual ebook contents :

Rethink Remodel :Green remodeling uses up front planning and research to create a design with wide-ranging benefits. The Larger Landscape : Look beyond landscape materials selection to create a landscape worthy of the term green. Patios, Walkways and Paths: Find materials for firm footing, literally and ecologically. Mulch Materials : Mulches define areas, inhibit weeds, and reduce water use. Decks : Encourage outdoor living with these durable, low-maintenance deck choices. Fences, Trellises & Arbors : Define space with these landscape elements, while protecting natural resources. Rockeries & Raised Beds : Bring your landscape to a new level with these green materials choices. Found Objects : Salvaged, reused, discovered… flex some creative muscle in your own backyard. Sheds & Greenhouses : Thinking of adding a structure to your landscape? Consider these green options. Irrigation Systems : Giving a plant water when it needs it, where it needs it is the key to smart watering. Rainwater Harvest: Put all that water being delivered to your roof for free to good use. Accessories: Outdoor furniture, pots and planters, lighting… green options for outfitting your landscape.Resources: Where to get more information to create your own green home and garden.

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