Make Fences Attractive with Nature Stones

Make your fences more unique. Looks the picture, arranged with lines concept which has different highness, beside give natural impression, it also attractive.

fencing design ideas

The position which surrounding the house, make fences influence façade appearance. Fences above consist of six wall which have different highness. Those six wall use nature stones wrapping in different measurement. Side of wall use abstract nature stones. Top of it use square nature stones.

Although have different dimension, the thickness is same. Every part of wall separate gap with 20 cm distances. The gap intentional to make spacious impression and transparent impression. beside of that, reduce fences cost.


Nature stones set like broken stones. This chaos pattern make natural impression up. To make more beautiful, there are bush planted surrounding the fences. At night, set lamps in order to show up the beautifulness of fences.

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