Luxury Spacious Residences Office Design

What do you think if a classic decoration house that full ornament in details, used as private office and also resident? I think you’ll imagine how crowded in there. Plus, a classic decoration, made the house really crowded.

modern interior design in classic home

But not this house, it really seems full but not crowded. Contemporary furniture and perfect elegant layout made this house still have spaciously tasting. For example, library rack built in connection door. So, it not only reduces space, but also adds details of this house.

luxury living room design ideas
cozy private library room design ideas
library room interior design ideas

The luxurious interior design really felt from beautiful details and elegant layout house interior. The design came from collaborative process of discovery of Alan J Mayer Architects and the owner whose friends of the architect. Classic but spacious and modern house, more than that this house really delightful.



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