Lovely Cool Outdoor Courtyard Garden Design Inspiration

private courtyard garden at-side-of bedroom idea

After rush hours of our daily activities, home is the easiest and best place to take a rest. So how is the condition of your house? Is it comfortable to support your soul to get its freshness, recover your mind and body so the next day you shall be able to take care yourself happily and conquer the world?

small pond outside open-plan bedroom design idea
tropical style modern bedroom interior design

There are a lot ways to create cool atmosphere of house to refresh your mind and soul. One of it is build cool and lovely outdoor courtyard garden. Take inspiring idea of this outdoor courtyard garden of this boutique hotel of ka’ana resort, Belize. From this image gallery of certain outdoor spaces of this Ka’ana hotel, you can take idea how to build lovely courtyard for private area such at side of bedroom or more sociable area where become nice spot to gather everyone.

center outdoor courtyard sociable area house design
cozy cool seatings layout modern courtyard garden idea

First is bedroom outdoor courtyard. Full folding-door opening lead the atmosphere of outdoor garden brings fresh air. Small pond right in front of bedroom and simple wood terrace and outdoor shower add functional elements of the courtyard. Second is center courtyard garden as sociable area, consist of center pond and surrounded by cozy seating’s layout and open plan dining area. Reference: Ka’ana resort hotel.

open-plan dining area courtyard garden design
private garden landscape outdoor shower features idea


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