Loft Renovation to Create Better Spaces and Lighting Order

This loft has renovated to create better space arrangement (defining volume), and lighting strategy to fill light in largest interior part of the loft (consist of living, dining, kitchen, and entrance) because there is only one windows. The living area painted with white colors, while other areas painted subtly darker in order to differentiate them.

The living area completed with built-in bookshelves in white details to add sense of neatness of the wall. The curtains at windows wall add softness to the interior while the living furniture and accessories with rich pattern and colors become focal point.

Green wall color in the kitchen and others niches area create differentia with the living room. Compact kitchen with stainless steel appliances, combine with wooden flooring and furniture. The kitchen cabinets and shelves are from Ikea. For dining area placed between kitchen and living has simple wooden furniture. The bathroom decorates with penny tiles with custom cabinetry and a concrete countertop. Designed by Local Studios Architects.


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