Living Screening Space Barn Conversion House Design

If you has old barn in your house and want to create it as additional space, this barn conversion idea can be your consideration. The barn converts into modern open screening living space. The doors on both long sides opened, create opening conversation with the garden landscape. The modern interior has walnut planks cladding, and it finished with linseed oil, present rustic style and calm relaxing atmosphere. The catwalk connecting to the mezzanine and the stair are in natural steel with a wax finish. There is big fireplace for functional décor which created with slabs of walnut travertine. The floor itself finished with river pebbles. A breezeway connecting this living space to main retreat house. Bonetti Kozerski Architects.

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living space fireplace slabs walnut travertine interior

modern living space barn house interior design

mezzanine catwalk living library house interior design

both side opening wall barn house modern design

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