Literally, Indoor Garden Interior: The Evolution of Nature-filled Interior in House Architecture

ordinary exterior modern japanese house design

Incorporate outdoor into indoor of the house is one of lovely concept of house architecture. Various practical designs has been implanted, such as a transition between indoors and outdoors like this tropical house, put pots of plants in the house, central courtyards, until outdoor look bathroom. All those designs still have slightly boundaries between outdoor and indoor. How about indoor garden interior, literally, bring garden in the living spaces, create totally new house architecture perspective.

indoor garden interior new natural filled interior perspective
living space with garden innovative japanese house
wood whiteness minimalist garden interior house elements
double-height spacious interior natural garden insertion

From the outside this modern Japanese house is just an ordinary house, tall walls with simple gable roof design. But inside, surprising interior creates “WOW!!!” effect. The interior of main living space with double-height is indoor garden interior, literally planted plants right inside house! With minimalist style, the garden perfectly become part of the house, not only decorating. The wooden pathway of garden blend with other woods elements of interior. White gravel also blend with whiteness interior theme.

Reference: Designed by ALTS Design Office. Photo by ALTS Design Office.

open-living dining kitchen interior japanese house style
wood-pathway features indoor garden house design
simple staircase connecting area interior house
spacious living upstair house whiteness interior


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