Light Defining Element in Modern Residence

Light become main focus of this home design. All of the design elements were determined with the idea of light being a form-defining element. This approach is complemented with an aesthetic that takes the Santa Fe style and integrates a Zen like simplicity to the range of materials and details. Pure geometric forms established the plan, the use of authentic materials set the tone and nature was abstracted to highlight and contrast the house. An important aspect of nature is light and in New Mexico, at this site, the clarity of that light is received into a vessel of natural materials that celebrates the restrained expression of craftsmanship.

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The courtyard was to be a focal point: meditative, protective and quiet, in contrast to the outdoor areas along the ridge.  Views were to be revealed subtly, gradually.  The house was to appear rooted in the earth, with lots of light. This luxury villa designed by archaeoarchitects.


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    What an absolutely glorious home! I write a lot about modern kitchen and bathroom designs, in part for our own website, in part because I want to remodel our home (I’m a cabinetmaker). Those modern designs intrigue me, but I cannot possibly use them in our home. But this home is a wonderful mixture of the modern and the traditional. Man, if I had a home like this, I would just move in the stuff and enjoy. Really now, what on Earth would you want to remodel?

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