L-shaped Vernacular Style Red Bricks House with Cultural Characteristic

A new house built on the landscape with special cultural characteristics, so there is limitation to create contemporary building volume. The solution is built house that has vernacular architectural features. The vernacular style that matches with cultural characteristic of the environment modified to accommodate modern way of living requirements. L-shaped house volume built with red bricks structure and salvage barn woods. Certain materials such as red bricks and tiles for façade were salvaged from demolished buildings. The interior design have rich colors combination, from wood tone flooring, exposed red bricks of fireplace and certain walls and built-in furnishing, red sofa furniture, etc. Other interesting design is the windows and doors that created in two layers. One layer inside is from glass materials. Other layers from wood functioned as sliding components that can be open, and closed for privacy.

Architect: László Vincze

Interior designer:Renáta R?th

Associates: Miklós Salamin

Design: 1999

Completed: 2007

Vernacular style house photos gallery:

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