L-shaped House Design Simple Bungalow Style

What kind of house should be built on breathtaking view and landscape of the fjord? A simple house is enough, but with the accurate placement, the house can take all advantage of the site and will be perfect to spend holidays. Like this L-shaped house design. The house designed as simple bungalow style with flat roof.

modern L-shaped house design fjord landscape

First wings placed at the southern side of the plot with open plan concept. The first wings structured with transparent glassed shelter. The transparent structure can capture the stunning fjord view and protect the house from north winds. Roof covered patio also created next to outdoor swimming pool. This spot added with lovely fireplace. So enjoyable outdoor spot created.

Second wing placed formed with concrete construction. The second volume of this house placed at west side in order to create shields for the outdoor courtyard.

The exterior appearance mimics the natural landscape surrounding. Exposed concrete blocks keep in raw, mimic the natural stones surrounding. At the first transparent volume wing, detailing stones cladding element added.

The interior also created in simple, but has relaxing atmosphere. The wood ceiling contrasting with raw polished concrete floors and walls. Certain furnishing has bold colors while others tend in dark colors. What a beautiful small house design. This L-shaped house design has size of building 145 sqm. Designed by Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff –WRB architects.

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