Knowing Bromelia for Attractive Landscape Design Plants

Unique form and striking flower’s colors between greening leaves, is main enchantment of bromelia, so its will attractive as garden landscape of your home. Leaves and flower’s color is sparkle almost in all season. Bromelia flowers can hold out until 3 months. In average, a bromeliad has 40 leave and curve at the tip. Several species have serration at border of leave, while another species don’t.


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Bromelia can plant single in the pot, but also can arranged as colony. Commonly, bromeliad colony placed on border of path, or become point of interest at middle of garden. This plant usually fertile with seed or youngers.

Bromelia include Bromeliaceae family. This plants origin is from Argentina and Brasil. Latin American known as medical plant, as maggot/worm medicine. This plant has same family with pineapple, rich of calcium and vitamin C. Bromelia leaves also can use to tender the meat.


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Bromelia name taken from Swedish botanical expert, Olof Ole Bromell. Total amount of species are tens, such as orange flower (Bromelia alta, B. flemingii, B. humilis, B. scarlatina, and B. serra) or red color (Bromelia alsodes, B. antiacan, B. goyazensis, and B. hieronymii), yellow flower color kuning (Bromelia chrysantha, B. goeldiana, and B. palmeri), purple flower (Bromelia horstii and B. karatas), and pink.


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Take care Bromelia is easy, because this plant does not fussy, not necessary pour often, can be planted in hot land. Water pouring should conditioned with media condition, don’t be routine. Pour the media with water if it is dry. For the attention: Keep the bromelia armpit wet. The fertilizing is easy too, if you use slow release fertilizer, then fertilize bromelia once in 3 months.

If your bromelia always fresh and diligent to show the colors, don’t plant it with soil. Use coconut fiber or chopped edible fern. Place on open area, but not cached by direct sunlight.


  1. Elke Nelson says

    I have a Bromelia plant with a single pink flower growing out of the shaft. I have had the plant now for 6 mnths and its autum here in South Africa. About 2 months ago the flower lost its colour and turned green and is now drying from its tip. I water the bromelia about 2 a month but did not know to have water in its armpit – is it dying? can I snip the flower and will a new one grow?
    Your feedback will be graetly appreciated.

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