Interesting Spatial Perspective Trapezoid House Plan Compact Design

Built on slightly slope landscape, this modern trapezoid house has favorable orientation and interesting spatial perspective. Two concaves form of outdoor garden and patio at each of long side of house create beautiful transition between inside and outside. Although fireplace placed inside, its chimney placed outside, in creativity design, formed like a monument. At the top of building, exposed concrete applied, both exterior and interior. Built-treated wood furniture, wooden floors and metal in the interior combine with natural white stucco plaster boards give simple modern impression. Simple outdoor area with wooden deck construction next to living room provides outdoor activities, like BBQ or just relaxing area to enjoy green large landscape. Designed by FAM Architects.

slightly slope landscape trapezoid house plan design

monument-like form creative outdoor chimney house construction

exposed concrete white-stucco wooden-deck house exterior

concave-form garden spatial perspective insideoutside house transition

open structure living-room simplicity interior design

exposed concrete ceiling white plaster interior combination

built-treated wood furniture flooring interior material scheme

center hallway modern interior layout trapezoid house

white perform compact kitchen design interior

modern appliances kitchen arrangement interior layout

minimalist bedroom open design interior structure

simple modern sink bathroom area design


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