Installation Art Duo Playful Objects in Movable Design

creative installation art duo playful object design

Here is example of installation art that has interactive concept due to its placement. A combined-shape of two objects that can be moved, extend, change shape(r), and depend on your desire. Yup, this object called as Object of Desire, an appropriate name due to its concept. This duo playful installation art is three-dimensional structures that characterize the Sretenka Design Week.

This installation placed on Tsvetnoy Bul’var Boulevard. This architectural-like object intended as a catalyst: intervene the public space and people in it, and create new public constellation. Because the pragmatic function is adaptable for public space requirement. The object can be a seating, a public table, or a playground for both grown-up and children. This movable design in architectural knowledge of installation art designed by OKRA.

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