Inspiring Small Front Yard Landscaping and Its Elements Ideas

cool front yard landscaping garden design

Are you looking for front yard landscaping idea? Especially for small front yard? Hmm… small is always challenging, doesn’t it? What do you really want? Fulfill the front yard with plants and flowers and arranged it into beautiful small garden, or just landscaping order for better first look impression of your house? Below you will find inspiring idea of small front yard landscaping and the decorating elements:

1. Use cool pavers

Let’s say you have really tiny front yard. Fill it with flowers and plants just make your front yard excessive. So, use slightly plants and add more decorating, like this front yard landscaping of this townhouse. This front yard use classic Victorian mosaic. A photinia plants as hedge along with metal rails. Simple, minimalist, yet beautiful.

small front yard landscaping idea mosaic tile path


Another cool paving element idea is pavers light, especially eco-friendly solar-powered LED brick paving. Install your front yard landscaping with various colors of solar-powered LED brick paving to create lovely front house yard. Solar-powered LED brick paving could be found here.

solar-powered LED brick front yard elements
various colors sun-brick paving LED-light garden elements

If your front yard also as parking area, use a perforated parvers, so grass still can live and make your front yard green

perforated pavers front yard landscaping idea

reference: elementalarchitecture

2. Use perennial plants

Let’s say you have no enough time to take care of your front yard garden. If so, use perennial plants and use water efficient plants. Second, create simple front yard landscaping like these two town house front yard gardens.

perennial garden front yard landscaping ideas
water-efficient plants cool front-yard landscaping elements

reference: margueritegardens

3. Use arbor as front gate

Still want to put flowers on your front yard landscape, but there are not enough spaces? Just use arbor as front gate, usually arch structure arbor, and plant a climber plants or flowers, like Zephirine Drouhin. Zephirine Drouhin is climbing rose flowers with pretty pink colors. You can get the arbor here and here.

Zephirine Drouhin front yard landscaping arbor idea

reference: traveltreasuretiaras

arbor front gate yard landscaping inspiration

4. Create an hidden outdoor terrace with small garden as the fences

Here is cool and creative front yard landscaping from Rockefeller architects. The garden act as fences and surround the outdoor terrace.

cool front yard landscaping garden design
hidden-terrace creative front yard landscaping inspiration

5. Add cool elements

Add cool elements on your front yard landscaping project. Like the small pond, statues, etc. if you do not enough spaces to built custom pond, just use small tank, recycled is better.

small pond front yard landscape elements idea

reference: ofpearlsandroses

pretty graden statue front yard landscaping idea
small pond tank front yard garden design

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