Innovative Tablet PCs Standard Functional Design Furniture

This is innovative standard furniture for all types of tablet PCs. This innovative tablet PCs standard can hold your tablets, including iPad in aesthetic way. With functional design, this standard furniture can be placed both in private area such as inside your home that can be awesome furniture piece to decor interior design or public spaces such as for advertisement, locked safety box, security option for ipad2 and various mounting plates to the dock in. This Dock-in innovative tablet PCs standard furniture suitable for various types of tablet PCs from 7 “to 10″ (Samsung Galaxy to iPad ). With various model, this in innovative tablet PCs standard has modes by tilt and swivel a ball joint. Charging cord is nicely concealed by a cable guide. Made from durable materials, this innovative tablet PCs standard is nice place to store & charge your precious tablet. Made by Dock84.

Innovative standard furniture for all types of tablet PCs photos gallery:

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