Innovative Coastal House Design: Separate Pavilions Architecture

innovative coastal house design separate pavilion

What innovative coastal house design!!! Instead of making one huge holiday’s house, separate pavilions built with main living room as the center. From this coastal house design plan, experiences enhanced, like a little journey in camping site, we go from “tent to tent” for our everyday activities rituals: what a perfect spatial organization, from inside to outside, including elegant coastal garden. All of pavilions including its private areas of this coastal house design have open-plan style, offering the experience of showering and bathing in nature, and also has smooth color, including the zinc roof.

large outdoor decking area coastal house design
outdoor fireplace outdoor coastal house design
main living-kitchen-dining innovative architecture building
open-plan main coastal house building development
separate pavilion ensuite building coastal house
ensuite bedroom coastal house interior inspiration
holiday-like spatial organization coastal house design

The main living-dining-kitchen room has full sliding glass walls, offer blurring area between inside and outside. There is also large decking outdoor terrace that is connecting each pavilion, and outdoor fireplace for luxurious features. The interior designed in smooth tone, and has warm atmosphere. Designed by by CCCA (Crosson Clarke Carnachan) Architects.

sliding glass walls main coastal house design
cozy interior stylish coastal house design
kitchen-dining-plan coastal house design idea
relaxing outdoor order coastal house design
comfort outdoor garden coastal house design
zinc roof coastal house building architecture

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