Ingenious Modular Kitchen Design for Limited Interior Space

modular kitchen design art-deco style idea

Let’s say you’ve own small studio apartment, but with lot of stuff, this studio apartment floor plan and interior does not match your wishes, because you need more space for your extra stuff! One of best solution is pick the functional kitchen appliances like this modular kitchen design.

This modular kitchen design is really ingenious! With this modern modular kitchen, you do not need space for dining area. The kitchen and dining area become one. Because this modular kitchen design table is a combination between kitchen island and dining table. This contemporary modular kitchen consist as black box and green board. The black box is the kitchen island with fully equipped space for kitchen appliance. While corian green board is for cover and become dining table when shifted. Really cool kitchen equipment, doesn’t it? This modular kitchen design also has cool and creative storage organizing, like for bottles, and other kitchen appliances. Designed by Fevzi Karaman.

various storage modular kitchen kitchen appliances organizing

Here the storage information of modular kitchen design above:

1.Cruet stand





6.Drawer cabinets

7.Dishwasher cabinet


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