Industrial Element Maintained SoHo Loft Interior Design Livable Way

Industrial element character inherent in this SoHo loft space like its exposed pipes maintained and unify with a warm, cozy, and chic environment interior design creating concept. Whiteness style with polished method becomes basic neutral colors to support various furnishing and textures tones. Polished wall still expose the original materials, like in the living room, we can still see the bricks grid, create unique wall creation. As the focal point, kitchen space reconfigured, L-shaped as island added with floor level transition become a border between kitchen and dining area. Various kitchen materials stainless appliances, wooden storage with dropped celing zones crate intimate feel. For the dining area, two brushed chrome chandeliers with average size contrasting with set of black table chair furniture create eclectic and whimsical element. In the living room, dual-sided sofa separate space become two spaces for different activities, watch TV, sitting rooms. Also there is library area at side of TV area, maximize the space configuration. For master bedroom, black and silver materials interior décor composition is really great with patterned and comical style. The master bath features a cherry blossom tree mural made of ceramic tiles, while guest bathroom has steel chrome polished touch in black tiles contrast. Designed by SPI-Design Interior Designer.

industrial exposed pipes SOHO loft interior reconfiguration

L-shaped modern kitchen focal point warm livable

brushed chrome chandeliers loft dining eclectic interior

double sided sofa living loft partition entertaining

TV area black furnishing loft interior design

compact library maximize space loft apartment creation

black silver patterned comical bedroom modern loft

cerry blossom mural wall bathroom shower cabin

polished chrome wash basin modern bathroom interior

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