India(n) Craft Enchantment for Interior Design

India is country which has exotic and beautiful arts and cultures. Do you have one or more which become things of your interior design? Handcraft and arts objects from India give sensation, because you will feel like make adventure to this country. Beside admires the beautifulness, we will agazed by interesting story behind the creation and or origin location of that craft. Beside of that, this arts object application created contemplative atmosphere.

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Furniture Ornament

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India Furniture have own furniture which insist character and uniqueness of origin location. This is become power of furniture from India, from ornament objects, decorating techniques, also material that used. One of famous ornament is handpainted at chairs with kings and attendant picture. Usually this furniture ornament from Kishangarh and process in traditional, while wood that use usually babool, shisham or aam. Usually that furniture detachable and easly to move like stool, lower table, and chowkis.

There is technique called as meenakari, introduced by Man Singh King from Mughals from 16th century. This technique growth at Jaipur, one of city at west side of India. Main material that used is enamel or stones powder. The process: first, furniture or accessories painted, and pair it with pattern printing from metal. Enamel burn, then if it melts, put in printing. The uniqueness of furniture is bright and clear and also contrasts enamel colors, complex motif, and usually flora and fauna motif.
Soft Furnishing

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Indian craft famous in bright and clear materials colors, floral motif, embroidery technique with special yarn, even ornament with beads. These kinds of craft come from Kashmir, Punjab, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. For example, sari made from traditional woven cloth, with two border of color pattern which frame length side of sari, and one sector which fulfill one-third from short part of sari, called pallu. Sari usually decorates with diamond motif or geometrical lines and add with beads.

Prayer Place

For prayer ritual, Hindu follower usually has special place call as Mandir. Mandir is replica of temple. Mandir can be placed anywhere except bedroom.

Tanjore Painting

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Tanjore or Thanjavoor is city at Tamin Nadu in south India, and also capital city of Chola Emperor at 9th century. At that period, arts growth rapidly, like painting technique using gold and other jewelry stones, gem as ornament, so it generate three dimensional effect at painting surface. The characteristic of this painting are have Gods objects, bright and clear colors, and also decorate with gold and gemstones.



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