Illumination Ambient Light Installation Apartment Interior Remodel

This modern apartment interior remodel offer counterpoint to the views of city and sea by installing artificial ambient light. Installed in apartment walls of acid etched glass, the illumination vision produced from videos which slowed down and each pixel is transmitted to 2″ LED’s. This innovative light installation device, create modern and futuristic sense of the interior. Other interior enhancement, slats woods walls follow the floor wooden tiles in contrast with white ceiling a modern furniture make the apartment has sophisticated relaxing atmosphere. Kitchen appliances with modern lines really tasty. The modern bathroom apartment interior, dominated with thick glass and small tiles has surprising wooden material furniture. Designed by Craig Steely Architects. Light wall design in collaboration with Jonathan Foote and Peter Noble; source video by Sierra Helvey.

ceiling light ambient installation sophiticated interior apartment

acid etched glass walls illumination modern interior

LED pixeled light  difused futuristic apartment remodeling

wooden walls earth sense modern interior design

sohisticated modern apartment interior remodeling design

open stylish modern interior high rise apartment remodeling

futuristic kitchen appliances interior decor apartment

innovative sophisticated kitchen design interior remodel

thick glass wooden furniture bathroom interior design

small white tiles modern stylish bathroom interior


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