Hybrid Timber Frame Structure Villa House Country Style

A country style villa house, construct with traditional materials like a palette of zinc, stones and clear-grained fir with hybrid timber frame structure make this modern home living look beautiful and has own uniqueness. The exterior has various stones wall, combine with glass and wooden materials. The wall materials combination design really unique can be great take way ideas; like wall at one side of the house, use huge glass wall, natural stones tiles and framed with wood. Double height spaces at certain area with exposed timber construction inside, create visually relief sense and atmosphere. White basic color affirms luxurious sense of wood flooring and wooden furnishing appliances and décor. Stones textures also applied on swimming pool area, integrated with natural landscape.Designed by Arch11 Architects.

modern country house stones hybrid timber frame

various wall materials combination glass stones wood

modest design traditional materials modern villa building

dining area exposed house skeleton interior design

visually double height living hybrid interior design

woods furnish modern kitchen natural interior design

restful sense attic bedroom wood decor interior

pool house shower cabin stones wood structure

unique house materials character hybrid construction design

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