How to Remodel Kitchen into Green Home Concept

Think about remodel your kitchen, why not make it become eco friendly or green? So your kitchen will increase its ability of  room’s environmental efficiency and human performance. And the nice thing, reduce both the cost and complexity of a kitchen renovation. This manual guide ebook discusses the considerations involved in orchestrating a green kitchen remodel, so you can create a game plan that works for you.

Here the content of ebook :

Rethink Remodel

Green remodeling uses up front planning and research to create a design with wide-ranging benefits.

Appliances & Lighting

Efficient appliances and lighting design increase a kitchen’s performance, reduce bills, and conserve resources.


Whether you update, upgrade, or replace, find cabinetry that protects forests, and your indoor air.

Kitchen Waste & Recycling

Have a kitchen that prevents waste and composts, recycles, or properly disposes of what’s left.


Select beautiful countertop and backsplash options that stand up to hard use while being kind to the planet.


Durable, efficient faucets conserve water while tackling the job at hand.


Invest in a sink that will stand the tests of time and use.


The busiest room in the house deserves flooring that combines comfort, beauty, durability and environmental smarts.

Construction Reuse & Recycling

Remodeling generates materials that can be waste-or resources. It’s up to you and your contractor.


Befuddled by what it means to be green? This program can help.

Case Study: Ballard Kitchen Remodel

Green blends seamlessly with a 1920s home in this remodel.


Where to get more information to create your own green remodel.

Interested?You can download and read this kitchen manual remodeling here.

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