How to DIY Christmas Paper Ornaments: 3+ Craft ideas

Paper or other same materials such as cardboard is cheapest and simplest materials for craft project. Because Christmas just in days, lets make Christmas paper ornaments. Below are craft ideas that you can do it y yourself or as children craft holiday projects.

1.Animal Sculpture Christmas Paper ornaments

a.Crane DIY Christmas ornament (Senbazuru)

Crane is symbol of prosperity and a long life. And I think, our wish not far for hope that we have prosperity and a long life in 2013. So it’s good to symbolize your wish this 2012 Christmas and 2013 New Year. So. Lets make crane for Christmas interior decoration. First, make origami crane, and rest of steps and materials can be follow here or here.

Crane DIY Christmas ornament paper Senbazuru
@ san-smith
crane golden ornament DIY christmas
@ yasutomo


There is no Christmas without reindeer. Here are some handmade DIY Christmas paper/cardboard reindeer with downloadable template:

DIY Christmas reindeer ornaments decor craft idea
DIY christmas reindeer paper handmade ornament
handmade DIY Christmas reindeer paper
unique reindeer DIY Christmas handcraft idea


Try to create unique Christmas star from surprising materials below:

a.Paper roll and unused books or magazine paper @primitiveroads

paper roll DIY Christmas paper decorating idea

b.Do you know modular origami? Create this origami star you’ve never seen before @goorigami

modular origami DIY christmas star handmade

c.Stunning 3D star with video tutorial @bettys-crafts

3D paper star christmas DIY ornament idea

3.Scrap paper/cardboard inspiration

Look! How many scrap papers in your house! Be creative; transform it into beautiful ornaments for this 2012 Christmas. Below are some ideas DIY scrap papers.

a.Junk mail snowflakes @growcreative

junk mail snowflakes DIY christmas scrap paper

b.Cereal boxes become Christmas trees @popsiclesandpinatas

Cerealboxes DIY christmas tree inspiration

c.DIY Kusudama Flowers for Christmas tree décor @fromdahliastodoxies

DIY Kusudama Flowers Christmas ornament



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