Holiday Encampment Lake House Spirit Design Ideas

Surrounded with natural environment, this simplicity lake house has cluster form consist of seven pavilions which centered on an open court, built on piles creating floating platform about 1 meter above the ground. Each of pavilion building has own function, as master bedroom, bedrooms, living rooms, boat house and others. The pavilions building create with simple timber structure and construction, conceived as tents, has mono pitched roofs, sliding walls, and opening louvers. A sense of holiday encampment spirit comes, building presence hidden, expansive sun and breeze air flow and expansive views of forest and lake become fantastic vista. Two-sided fireplace built from concrete. One side faces the outdoor court and another side becomes functional décor of main living pavilion. Designed by Casey Brown Architects.

innovative simple lake house separate building construction

natural environment lake house tents-like holiday sense

mono pitched roofs pavilion house form centered

timber structure simple lake house interior stylish

fireplace centered open court lake house outdoor

two sided fireplace concrete materials lake house decorating

simplicity open outdoor lake house innovative timber

water tank own storage house sustainable feature

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