Hillside Modern Circulation Corridor Steeply House Design Ideas

This modern house located on steeply sloping hill with stunning view. steeply modern hill house corridor innovation

The modern house structured with circulation corridor construction that acts as a spine that connects public and private areas and allows for daylight. A long the corridor, aperture designed as natural ventilation and view. For the roof, this modern house roof constructed as pitched roof profile based on traditional alpine roof. The unique roof design sheared to create a slit of light which activates the interior and illuminates a circulation corridor which runs through the entire building. The aperture and whole building designed to optimizing solar orientation and desirable views. There is also unique patio that creates a contemplative environment that basks in morning sunlight. Designed by Casper Mork-Ulnes Architects.

unique house patio contemplation hill space

modern spine house circulation corridor design

pitched roof profile house architecture style design

wooden hill house modern innovation design ideas

circulation nature ventilation house design

modern wooden house hillside plans

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