High-End Modern House Design Green Building Concept

This is modern L-shaped house that integrating high-end design and eco friendly building and system. This house designed as modernist space with visually warm and eco-friendly feature using solar radiant heating, cross ventilation, and recycled materials. Lay outing with central family space faces the path from the carriage entrance to the house to rear garden forms a central spine, also featuring swimming pool and natural stones accent and magnificent landscape. The interior designed as a series of open spaces on each side of the central spin. Varied ceiling heights built to create illusion of discrete rooms. The sustainable materials of this modern house includes COR-TEN steel, stained concrete mixed with fly-ash and Fin-Ply panels. Passive ventilation, radiant floors, solar hot water and photovoltaic power dramatically reduce energy use. Designed by William Duff Architects.

hidh-end center spine house design architecture

L-shaped sustainable house design innovation

open bathroom green tiles accent interior design

recycled eco-friendly modern house construction

modernist visually warm eco friendly house concept

open spaces series photovaltoic bedroom design

cor-ten steel house design recycled construction

fin-ply panels ecofriendly house design innovation

green center landscape pool water-feature design

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