Grounded Modern Small House Style

What can we do if we only have narrow land to build a house? The first thinking is always how to make large living space? This Japanese modern house design resolved that problems with built kitchen and living space on the ground floor.


Although grounded, the spaces is still have a good air circulation and get natural light because its open area. As this is such a quiet residential area architects decided to try and allow the surrounding environment penetrate the space by surrounding the site with a light blue FRP screen. Sliding doors behind this allow the house to semi opened to the surrounding neighborhood – giving a greatly increased sense of space.

Bedrooms are contained in a more private container on the 2nd floor and the 3 floor loft built to the maximum shadow line of the property benefits from a roof terrace overlooking Roppongi Hills and Moto Azabu.

This design is so inspiring, because changed obscure ground floor with articial light into attractive ground floor in sunbath. This house designed by klein dytham architects.


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