Green Program House Design Woods Stones Elemental

With woods and stones as element structure on concrete foundation to minimize disturbance of plant species on site, this house fulfill with green eco-friendly feature. The woods came from sustainable harvested Cedar siding and wood fascia in deck soffit, the stones use local stone from the site: recycled from blasted area to create garage, with supplemental stone from local quarry. Two stone walls are the main elements of the house, defining and separating the master bedroom suite from the entry area and marking the edge to the public spaces: living, dining, and kitchen. South of the house is a pool and a pool house. For sun control soffit and loe E-glass used, solar shading on all windows to supplement low-E effectiveness. all rooms painted white to maximize solar lighting effect. This modern green house program includes a master bedroom suite in a separate pavilion; an entrance pavilion with two guest bedrooms and media room; and a third pavilion with living room, dining, and kitchen. Designed by hanrahanMeyers architects.

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