Green Building, Economical, and Eco Friendly

Global warming facts make innovation of industry products in architecture and building materials growth. Green architecture development concept emphasize of efficient increasing of water, energy, and building materials using. To design the building, pay attention with a lot of aperture to maximize air circulation and natural light. Use little lamp light and AC at noon.

Energy saving building design, limit built land, simple layout, flown space, high quality building, and environment friendly materials. Building roofs develop become roof garden, green roof which has high ecology value (air temperature decrease, pollution decrease, green space wider).

how to build eco friendly building


Appropriate building materials using has big factor to make high quality environment friendly building. Several building materials that have high quality determine the price. So, make cost calculation before construction. Survey first to find alternative that have practical character, able to give appropriate solution, and environment friendly. This factor can be seen from working processing, practical degree, and result.

Several industry already made product with new innovation which minimize environment contamination, reduce energy using with optimize alternative energy. Several technology innovation of production process develop in order to make materials industry able become friend with nature.

Continuous construction which done by using alternative materials and energy can reduce CO2. Building materials influence energy consumption at every building. When built, energy consumption between 5% until 13%, and 87% until 95% is energy that consumed during building live.

Cement, ceramic, brick, aluminum, glass, and steel as main materials have significant role. For main building structure and roof, recently wood materials replaced with light steel. Illegal logging issue placed wooden building into non-environment friendly building. Light steel chosen based on several quality levels; depend on its raw materials. Roof structure from steel has some advantage; stronger, anti corrosive, anti porous, anti termite, flexible, easy to pair, lighter, so do not encumber construction, and also can pair with architecture design calculation, and civil technique calculation.

Window frame and door already use aluminum material. Aluminum has advantage; renewable (means can be use multitimes), free from poison, and essence that trigger the cancer, practical (appropriate with modern lifestyle), with special insulation design can reduce heat transmission, and noise (energy saving and cost saving), stronger, durable, anti corrosive, available in many colors and shape, also many model variations.

Choose wall material that absorbs heat. Ceramic using at wall that replaces wallpaper is one of design innovation. Ceramic wall give easily treatment, cleaner, and various motif, theme, colors, variant serve various room atmosphere.

Function of every room is different, so make design and floor material become various, like marble, granite, tile, ceramic, and parquet or others.

Create artistic floor do not always need expensive materials. Common tile with dark grey and yellow seems simple and antique can be exposed. Plaster combination at wall and floor at several places will make it unique. Plaster technique also make various appearance come out.

Sanitation also has environment friendly concept. Biological filter septic tank made from fiberglass which design with special technology so do not pollute environment, has decomposition phase system, equipped with disinfectant system, save land, anti leak or not permeate, durable with corrosion, easy to install, and doesn’t need special treatment.

Feces proceed in biological decomposition, and filter in phase. Contact media has specialized design, and disinfectant system do not pollute water and environment.

To anticipate clean water crisis, we have to develop reducing water system, reuse, recycle, and recharge. Several architects develop water waste processing system which recycle daily waste water (water that for wash and waste water form bathroom). That renewable waste water can be use to wash vehicle, pour the plants, also make water reservation, or bio pore hole.

Solar panel using make electric energy can be saving. Solar panels put on the roof, precise at sun lines from east to west with incline position. Bigger solar panel, its means well cause we can save more electric power, and of course our money.


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    please do you donate to someone in need eco friendly living material my home is inhabitable ( not livable) i live in rosarito baja california and do not have the means to fix it if you know any one who can help

  2. building a solar power says

    Solar power (photovoltaic) help households become independent of the power grid, and reduces Americas dependence on oil. I think every home in America should have at lease one solar power panel in case of blackouts, and to take the strain off of the power grid.

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