Geometrical Dissimilarity Three Volumes Concrete Construction House Design

This modern house has three volume buildings, connect each other, arranged in horizontally lines. Each volume has own geometrical shape. The geometrical dissimilarity of volume creates interesting house plans. The house construct with rough concrete as load bearing walls. The timber and glass use as open wall and windows structure. Pines materials also used as roof skeleton and certain built-in furniture, wall cladding. The center volume has two-storey and double-height space, for social areas, that has the choir of the chapel space, creates unique living room character. A west side volume wing is private area, and east wings, characterized by the covered garage area, consist of garage, storage and technical spaces. The interior designed in simplicity, floor slab cast combine with white plasterboard. Designed Carlos Castanheira Architecture.

rough concrete house three-volume construction design

geometrical dissimilarity volume modern house plans

modern unique house roughconcrete load bearing walls

open structure series backyard house exterior design

pines wall cladding minimalist interior design

pines wall frames interior structurally design

white plaster-board cladding bedroom interior simplicity

choir chapel space interior living unique characteristic

double-height interior chapel house character

floor slab cast living-room double-height interior design

minimalist living-room fireplace interior design

pines structurally house finishing construction

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