Garden Pavilion One Story Steel Structure

With a huge landscape full of trees gardening this one story pavilion like jewel-box to viewing garden and experiences nature. Black in color but very attractive surrounded by three-acre mature landscape. A crisp design landing lightly on, and in landscape. Finely detailed and tailored, the house is relatively small in scale, deferring to the landscape.

garden pavilion house design ideas

Essentially an open, one-story steel structure allows the inside to merge with the outside, enhanced by outdoor sitting areas. A small pod that houses the master bedroom suite sits atop one of the primary volumes. With semi curve roof, this house just like a tent, shaped like mobile house, make we feel that we stay in wild nature. An adventure gets its cozy atmosphere here, right place to relax after rush hours of world. This residence designed by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects .

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