Galvanized Steel Mountain Hut House Design

The vaulted roof and formed as horizontal cylinder slice, this modern house construct from galvanized steel to prevent damage from extreme weather. The house architecture designed to handle the wind and snow. The vaulted roof leans back to the wind making a parabolic arch, an exact diagram of structural forces. This wind uplift is transferred to the concrete plinth and the whole form deflects the wind over its surface. This smooth transition from foundations to the roof also enables snow to be released, water collection and makes an efficient structure for snow loads. The internal spaces are uplifting and cocoon like of warm natural timber finishes. Windows are cut out of the form like slices in a cake and angled to dramatic views. The house includes a hydronic wood burning fireplace that heats water pipes in the floor and the hot water for showers. Designed by James Stockwell architects.

mountain hut house galvanized steel structure

horizontal cylinder sliced house concept architecture

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angled windows outdoors design ideas mountain house

parabolic arch roof dome house vaulted ideas

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