Gable Roof Stilt House in Simple Stylish Design

stylish gable roof stilt house design

Situated on sloping land, this gable roof stilt house has simple yet stylish design. The gable roof stilt house architecture chosen because it gives many advantages to its owner. First, elevated house structure is bringing stunning views of surrounding. Second, underneath the gable roof stilt house area become cozy children playground and entrance porch because it is shielded. Another exterior uniqueness that become icon of this gable roof stilt house are two windows, placed at opposite site, installed with rail that stick out.

gable-roof stilt-house sloping land structure
gable-roof stilt-house shielded playground area
stick-out-rail-windows unique elements gable-roof stilt-house

The interior design of this gable roof stilt house is simple but stylish. Raw wood appearance of furniture and loft structure juxtaposed with white walls colors and thin concrete slab of kitchen counter. The kitchen area placed at side of walls with long windows, bring new concept of Japanese house plans. The loft areas accommodate study room and bedroom. Designed by Ninkipen! Architects.

sloping-lot gable-roof stilt house design
simple stylish interior gable-roof stilt-house
kitchen corner gable-roof stilt-house interior
spacious kitchen-dining gable-roof stilt-house
rawness loft-attic structure gable-roof stilt-house
void-structure gable-roof stilt-house
clean structure staircase interior design
loft attic-bedroom simple interior stilt-house
attic multi-purpose room gable-roof stilt-house
attic interior study area stilt-house interior
simple workspace interior gable-roof stilt-house
detailed wood whiteness interior design

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