Futuristic Farm House Sustainable Technology Design

This ultra modern farming house design has latest agricultural technology and sustainable eco friendly building architecture, yet has unusual sophisticated architecture. Each closed-system supplies its own energy and water supply and recycles waste and carbon, with food grown in a greenhouse and in the surrounds where possible. This agricultural house architecture propose three building model, the first concept is a farm for one person, one hundred person, and thousand person. This futuristic farm house called as Oogts, has the essence of traditional farm architecture. For one person farm, the building has a single occupant dwelling, where theoretically the inhabitant could live comfortably without ever having to leave the house. Intended as module that can be plugged-in almost anywhere, the house is elevated on three points, leaving the smallest footprint possible. The greenhouse forms the largest component of the house and chickens provide company for the solo inhabitant. This futuristic building designed by Tjep architects. Similar ultra modern farm house can be read here.

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