Fresh Perspective House Redesign Modern Transformation Idea

This house had been redesigned to making it suitable to modern lifestyle, and fresh perspective becomes based concept. The architects renovated the house entirely with sculpture-like exterior appearance, full of minimalism and functionality concept. At street level, two white walls added along with simple garden. For main house, rectangular house building shape affirms to simple architecture. The rigorously of building conquered by large ponds and transparency structure of large glass walls, arouse lightness and relaxing atmosphere. Whiteness style of interior design balanced with simplicity of light wood tones furnish and décor. Flowing interior layout with large rooms completed with brightness sense. In second floor, the brightness source come from center tiny open cubic courtyard made from full glass and gravels.

two walls structure sculpture-like house modern redesign

Two wooden decking terraces built at side of pond and at the backyard, at front of simple green garden landscape beyond. A unique interior order applied, the minimalist kitchen placed on front house area, while living and dining at back, direct connect with outdoor backyard terrace. The living area can be entered directly from entrance. Redesigned by AABE Erpicum Architects.

entrance outdoor cozy relaxing house renovation ideas

front pond calm water feature house renovation

tranparent front kitchen structure house remodeling idea

outdoor minimalist deck terrace rectangular house transformation

fresh perspective backyard house outdoor landscape design

transparency compact kitchen interior modern design

clear-lines elegant kitchen interior design house redesign

white stylish kitchen compact appliances storage

flowing interior layout backyard dining open structure

spacious brightness living room backyard placement house

compact large living area minimalist interior design

light wood tones interior furnish decor house

simplicity outdoor backyard terrace wooden application

interconnection space interior minimalism house concept

private workspace minimalist interior open structure house

transparent upstairs cubic courtyard center house lighting

rigorously functional bathroom modern interior design

bathroom sink clear-lines modern design


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