Frangipani Plants for Your Garden Plan

Frangipani (Plumeria rubra) plants well for shaded plants in your garden. The flower has various colors, like yellow, dark yellow, pink, red orange, and maroon. The flower has five leaf sheaths with 5-8 meters of diameters. At one stalk can be found tens of flowers.

garden flowers

Frangipani can reach 7 m highness and more. The leaves in dark green with 7-11 meters of measurement, and fall while in dray season. This plants is sap plants, so be careful because the sap can make irritation or may be poisoned.

garden flowers

garden flowers

Frangipani like loose soil. Don’t give fertilizer that contains high degree Nitrogen concentrate, because it make frangipani lazy to bloomy. It’s better to give it compost or nature manure. Don’t often to give it water, because the stem can be decays. For propagation, can be done with cutting stem. if you like this flower just frangipani seeds HERE >> and start freshen your garden landscape


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