Four Quadrants Modules Innovative House Plans Adaptable to Varying Aspect Design

With non-traditional forms, materials and detailing, this innovative house designed to be adaptable from varying aspect of architecture element and different topography. The house plans divided into four quadrants of living modules that has clear expression at exterior appearance by play the length of roof, linking corridor with low pitch roof at east-west axis, and projection of dividing walls past the building envelope. Separated living zones both internal and external organization make the house structure can easily be modified to suit different site gradients, like create spatial flooring. Design of windows, doors and wall areas also can be modified. At the backyard, spacious porch terrace with floating decking area that direct connect with transparent kitchen dining interior. The garden landscape designed in minimalist, a combination of sloping terrain, native plants and stones with systematic organization arranged by path away from frontage to end of house. Designed by Swanbury Penglase Architects.

four quadrants cruciform-plan dividing walls house projection

systematic garden pathaway aesthetic innovative house construction

low-pitch linking corridor house modules organization

modern house adaptable varying aspect gradients suitable

floating deck porch backyard house solar orientation

transparent glass wall house construction suitable form

contemporary kitchen-dining subzones house interior

simple lines interior minimalist style adaptable house

modern bathroom design calm palette interior design

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