Formal but Comfort Family Room Design

According to Wikipedia, family room usually informal, and seem relax. But in this family room, it looks formal, but also accommodate family member. Formal impression can be created from furniture chosen.

family room design ideas for comfort house

Framework, arm, and sofa back made from wood with distinct lines. Wooden domination at sofa indeed makes it stiff. Because of that, to appear relaxing impression, interior designer choose sofa which all wrapped with upholstery from soft materials.

But, wooden sofa has advantage. Wood looks natural but easy to make it thin, so furniture become looks slightly, light, does not make room feel loaded.


Family room usually uses as gathering, reading, and enjoy tea, aren’t it? So, because use as gathering or may be discussion room, sofas placed in right position, not too near but also not too far. Sofa’s sit area made wider, but the legs made lower than common sofa. So people can sit more relax and comfort.


family room interior design comfortable


Alexander Christoper wrote (book: The Timeless Way of Building) that family or sitting room must have two factors that make people keep stay. First is light. Basically, human have desire and intent to move to light (photoprenic). That theory proved when in the darkness, human will try to make surrounding ares where human stand lighter.

Second factor is sitting in comfortable place. So, this family room designed follow that rules. Comfortable sofas and wider windows which through it we can see garden view, make this family room really get comfortable value.

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