Floating Glass House Two Different Volume Structure Combination Design

Perched on smooth slope of hill terrain, this house has floating construction. The building structure has two volumes design. At front, tiny wooden cladding volume as enclosed form consist of bathrooms, kitchen, storage and utility supply area, seems like fort wall, protect the other volume. Second construction is transparent volume, prefabricated glass steel frames. This glass volume, a full open structure capture landscape beyond in perfect way. The glass volume separate become two independent structures, by outdoor space right after the door. Tree that pops up in the middle of outdoor area give nice surprising atmosphere. Next to glass structure, tiny outdoor deck balcony built. The interior designed in simple and cozy. Designed by Wesselman Pellecchia – WPA architects.

fort-wall-like tiny wooden volume frontage house

forest hill house simple construction design

entrance bridge floating house volume design

enclosed wooden structure frontage house design

transparent glass house structure building design

over hanging balcony outdoor deck terrace house

outdoor area glass volume separation minimalist terrace

simple cozy compact kitchen dining interior open struture

modern glass house transparent holiday house design

compact kitchen modern interior design glass house

transparent interior prefabricated steel frame house volume

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