Flat Roof Modern Contemporary Residence

Use unusual materials for house construction, like steel, glass, metal cladding etc, this modern house style designed in horizontal and vertical set architecture with flat roof feature. Seemed as camouflage wings, right and left part of the house has different height from its center. The center of the house has height roof to support high ceiling and provide more natural light into the house. An elevating cantilever built in front of the house, and become floating solid element of this house. This floating aspect is inherent in the cantilevered decks and bay windows and the substantial roof overhangs. This modern family home provides privacy and connecting public space. The children have their own space without being disconnected in another room. The flow of the internal spaces and visual connection between the inside and outside spaces is outstanding. Designed by TT Architect.

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  1. carl mcintosh says

    Who designed the flat roof contemporary house in the pic? Its exactly what I am looking for.


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