Fitness Club Design Architecture Ideas by JDA

fitness club design architecture ideas

Looking for fitness club design ideas? Take a look this O2 Fitness building plans. This fitness club is designed as an innovative and exciting health club for the health-conscious professional. For the company’s 12,300 square foot Wilmington, North Carolina location, an aquatic concept, based loosely on the club’s beach-front community, developed a thought-provoking,dynamic series of spaces. From the curvilinear, opaque “aquarium wall” which shrouds the aerobics room, to the “Jelly Fish” lights that change color throughout the day above the cardiovascular equipment, the club provides a unique atmosphere in which to escape the everyday world around it. O2 Fitness in Wilmington is one of the several O2 Clubs designed by JDA.


  1. charles says

    That’s a very impressive fitness center design. The aquatic concept actually flows with the beach front location of the club. It’s a great idea to have a concept-based fitness facility, but it’s important that the design architecture incorporates other essential factors to give you a fully optimized fitness center. The gym in our building has been designed by AF Products and they’ve done a marvelous job of working within the limitations of space to give us a facility that’s comfortable and inviting.

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