Find Cool Interior Elements in This Two-story Apartment Interior Design!

cool interior elements two-story apartemnt interior idea

Look at this two-story apartment interior design. Look simple but actually has aesthetic detailed cool interior elements achievement of woodwork, steels, panellite. Previously racquetball court transformed into minimalist yet stylish two-story apartment interior. The stylish accents come from custom-made cool interior elements, such as the spiral staircase, ceiling ventilation, lighting system, interior walls, furniture and cabinetry, etc.

Find your cool interior elements ideas? Because of the small floor area, this two-story apartment interior has spatial concept. The spiral stair actually installed to save spaces, but the steels work and wood work combination create cool spiral staircase. Details doted of steels become tone up the interior atmosphere. Ceiling ventilation/ vertical circulation also must consider. This cool interior element made from wood slats that can controlled. The vertical circulation combined with dotted pattern wood ceiling and lighting system create lovely ceiling. Another example of cool interior elements is the custom-made TV stand cabinetry. The TV stand cabinetry also has dotted pattern. Cool idea is the openings of TV stand cabinetry. Designed by Ply Architecture.


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