Feminine Bedroom Interior Design

Woman bedroom identical with pink that symbolizes love, purple that symbolizes mysterious or cheerful yellow. But there is no wrong if you going to use another colors, if you want make different atmosphere. For example in here, cream chosen as main color, unify with terracotta and orange colors as accent of interior design.

bedroom interior design ideas

Indeed, those colors impress natural and far from girlie impression. So, how to make bedroom has feminine impression? One example is use flowers illustration as decoration of bedroom element. At this pics, flowers appear at lamp shade, carpet, and wall. Place flowers illustration seems have biggest influence which make bedroom appear so girlie and feminine.

bedroom interior design ideas

Mural made with opposite colors with the background, but same tones as others. Kind of flower and the measurement different, make mural seems dynamic. Hmm…inspired? Make your own girlie bedroom interior design now.



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