Excellent Apartment Interior Refurbishment Design

whiteness living area apartment interior refurbishment

This apartment interior refurbishment designed to redefining the use and function. Create adaptable spaces which can be intimate and at the same time can become social space. The sleek and clean lined concept applied, created elegant, warmth, luxury and practically result at the same structure.

The new intervention construction creates new connection of spaces. With creative arrangement, the separation of private spaces and social spaces not felt. The relations between spaces support each other in harmony. Visually, peaceful environment created from excellent combination of various materials and its textures. What a stylish apartment interior!

The center area is large living room in whiteness style. The living room has direct connection with the outdoor terrace. Large kitchen-dining area with addition room created at one side of living room. Another side of living room, bedroom and bathroom created. The kitchen area in the dining room us defined by wooden slats skin, influenced by old cafes interior. There is small corridor that connected the bedroom and bathroom. This small corridor open at center, oriented to living room and become accessories display area. Overall, this apartment interior refurbishment really excellent. Look simple but the fact is more complicated, because the various elements combination. Designed by YLAB. Photo by: Jordi Canosa and Ciro Frank Schiappa.

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