Energy Savings Prefabricated House Design on Difficult yet Beautiful Site

modern prefabricated house sustainable system construction

What will you do if you have perfect spot/site to built residential but due to the location, its difficult to achieve it, especially when the construction budget is also limited? How to built house under those circumstances? Quick answer is us a prefabricated house. Just like this modern house design in the desert that constructed with prefabricated house method with sustainable building system and elements to create energy savings prefab home.

This prefabricated house has T-shaped house form; created form two intersecting volumes. The modular house volumes built on concrete base. The concrete base structure has several functions, such as storage, part of insulation system, and protect water and electricity connections. A radiant heating system and insulation panels are example of sustainable elements in this house to create cozy home in the desert of energy savings concept.

The interior of this prefabricated house seamlessly coalesce with the exterior. Full glass windows series capture the beautiful and wilderness panorama of desert. This prefabricated house has color playing interior design concept. The contrast white and black colors combine with carious colors of interior elements-appliances-furniture create lovely interior. Designed by Nottoscale. Photo by: Joe Fletcher.

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