Effective Solution Simple Small Apartment Interior Remodeling

spacious living-room minimalist small apartment interior

Do you have small apartment, approximately 50 square meters? Need idea to renovate or remodel the interior spaces with cozy and spacious atmosphere? So, how to remodel small apartment interior? Simple but creative is always better to create neat and clean small apartment interior spaces. Next step is use built-in furniture, including kitchen appliances, and storage box to keep the space neat and organized properly. Those two points are effective solution to remodel small apartment interior. Next thought what about interior elements to create lovely flat interior spaces with simple home decorating?

Check out this modest yet modern small apartment interior that designed by A1architects. This small apartment has minimalist interior concept with effective remodeling solution method, including apartment interior decorating. Since there is spacious space of entrance area at side of the bathroom and kitchen, built-in storage box placed at opposite wall of bathroom for cabinet walls and service area, such as washing machine, and refrigerator.

The inspiring idea from this small apartment interior remodeling is the dining table area. Built-in dining table furniture takes place in the middle of kitchen and living room. Another simplest effective solution is using sliding doors to save space. Green tiny tiles become lovely interior elements to decorate the kitchen and bathroom. Branches of the wood become horizontal pole of the hanging lamps. Between bedroom and workspace, there is small working paper sliding walls. Pink painting is giving cheer effect to whole small apartment interior.


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