Economy House with Innovative Structural Systems and Modular Construction

If you have tight budget to built house in sloping terrain, this innovative structural systems and modular construction applied in this modern simple two-storey house could be interesting idea. Grid foundation system made economical scale achieved, also create floating house. Use of a 12’ x 16’ grid creating a short structural span and standard 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood which is a modern reinterpretation of the traditional Japanese Tatami mat module.

At the street level floor, the house consists of separate garage, kitchen, and dining, living and open sheltered balcony terrace to enjoy the hill landscape. Separation area between garage and main house become unique outdoor entrance area. Floor level below it consists of bedrooms and living space. The master bedroom and living area has open plan supported by tiny outdoor balcony. The interior designed in whiteness style, combine with original wood color of floor and other furniture. Clean-lines and minimal décor create spacious sense. Designed by Tyler Engle architects.


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