Eco-Fashion: Future Materials from our fields

As you know, green building demand all of materials that built it is environment friendly. But how about the interior?

eco fashion show

Of course, the home interior goods also should be environment friendly. For example, all of your cloth materials begin from pillow cover, bed cover, curtain, and other cloth decoration should make from environment friendly materials. Except organic cotton, cotton right now stamped as not environment friendly, because pesticide usage on cotton plant field.

Right now, textile industries develop eco materials, to make environment friendly products. Although these material right know is for fashion or apparel products, but not impossible if our home décor made from eco materials.

So what the eco material? You can mention it like bamboo, corn, soybean, even hemp! Bamboo fiber is revolutionary invention. The making method like rayon; stalks and leaves pulverized become porridge, and then changed into soft fiber. Bamboo fiber is more economist than cotton. Tough, glossy, the soft is as glorious as silk and rich of colors because bamboo fiber can perfectly absorb colorant. As thermodynamic material, bamboo fiber warm in the cold, and refreshing heat and dry weather because absorb humid 3-4 times than cotton.

The making method of corn fiber likely if we make yogurt. Corn flour processed became polymer, then changed in to fiber. Like soybean and bamboo fiber, the appearance is glossy and smooth. Tow years ago, Giorgio Armani offered net/mesh shirt from corn fiber.

Soybean prototype made by Henry Ford for car seat and his coat. In the end of 1990’s, China develop and produce massive soybean fiber although commonly use to make underwear, socks, sport wear, and baby wear.

Beside environment friendly, those future materials also healthy because anti bacterial, not have bad smell, UV anti radiation, absorb humidity, also have good air circulation.

Those materials usually mixing with another materials like organic cotton, linen, silk, wool, or spandex.

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